HELLO! I'm Robin Cain, a wedding and lifestyle photographer based out of Denver, Colorado.


I've been behind the lens for as long as I can remember. When I was in elementary school, I would use my allowance money to purchase disposable cameras so I could photograph my classmates on Field Day, Halloween and Valentines Day. When I was in high school, my aunt gave me her Canon film camera so I joined yearbook photography and spent most of my lunches developing photos in the darkroom. In college, I studied film production and spent 4 years trying to perfecting the art of storytelling through motion pictures. After I graduated in 2007, I was asked to photograph my uncles nuptials. I've have been documenting love stories and intimate moments ever since! 

Whether you are recently engaged, looking to capture a new chapter in your life, or you just want discuss ideas over coffee, I would love to hear from you. 


1. Years in business - 9

2. Coffee or Tea - Cappuccino 

3.  Canon or Nikon - I shoot with Canon but believe both make amazing cameras

4. Favorite Book - The Little Prince

5. Favorite Wedding - Venice Italy (The bride and groom had an intimate ceremony in a quiet courtyard and then walked around St. Mark's Square and pier at sunset as newlyweds).

6. Biggest Life Lesson - Remember to Breathe

7. Favorite Quote - Anything Audrey Hepburn

8. Favorite Part of a Wedding - The moment right after the first kiss (I love the way the Bride and Groom's faces light up when they realize they are now husband and wife!)

9. Favorite Place to Photograph People - Anywhere outdoors. There's more room to play.